8th International Conference on Web Engineering 2008

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The conference has had a very good number of submitted research papers, posters, and demos from academia and industry. The conference organisers have assembled an interesting and inspiring program that covers all the important topics for anyone interested in Web Engineering, whether they are CEO or CTO of a major corporation, a student studying for their PhD, or simply interested in developing and maintaining Web-based solutions.

ICWE 2008 - Accepted Full Papers

  • Ali Mesbah, Engin Bozdag, Arie van Deursen.
  • Crawling AJAX by Inferring User Interface State Changes.
  • Serge Abiteboul, Ioana Manolescu, Spyros Zoupanos.
  • OptimAX: Optimizing Distributed ActiveXML Applications.
  • Joerg Hoffmann, Ingo Weber, James Scicluna, Tomasz Kaczmarek, Anupriya Ankolekar.
  • Combining Scalability and Expressivity in the Automatic Composition of Semantic Web Services.
  • Pieter Bellekens, Kees van der Sluijs, William Van Woensel, Sven Casteleyn, Geert-Jan Houben.
  • Achieving Efficient Access to Large Integrated Sets of Semantic Data in Web Applications.
  • Piero Fraternali, Massimo Tisi.
  • Identifying Cultural Markers for Web Application Design Targeted to a Multi-Cultural Audience.
  • Santiago Meli, Jaime Gomez, Sandy Pérez, Oscar Diaz.
  • A Model-Driven Development for GWT-Based Rich Internet Applications with OOH4RIA.
  • Fumiko Satoh, Takehiro Tokuda.
  • Security Policy Composition for Composite Services .
  • Gustavo Rossi, Mario Matias Urbieta, Jeronimo Ginzburg, Damiano Distante, Alejandra Garrido.
  • Refactoring to Rich Internet Applications. A Model-Driven Approach.
  • Andrei Vancea, Michael Grossniklaus, Moira Norrie.
  • Database-Driven Web Mashups.
  • Sören Blom, Matthias Book, Volker Gruhn.
  • Executable Semantics of Recursively Nestable Dialog Flow Specifications for Web Applications.
  • Sandy Pérez, Oscar Diaz, Santiago Meliá, Jaime Gómez.
  • Facing Interaction-Rich RIAs: the Orchestration Model.
  • Patrick Freudenstein, Marko Boettger, Martin Nussbaumer.
  • Efficacious Reuse Support as Enabler for Cross-Methodological Web Engineering with Stakeholders.
  • Viorel Milea, Flavius Frasincar, Uzay Kaymak.
  • Knowledge Engineering in a Temporal Semantic Web Context.
  • Jordi Cabot, Cristina Gómez.
  • A Catalogue of Refactorings for Navigation Models.
  • Emilia Mendes.
  • The Use of Bayesian Networks for Web Effort Estimation: Further Investigation.
  • Roberto De Virgilio, Riccardo Torlone.
  • A framework for the Management of Context Data in Adaptive Web Information Systems.
  • Marco Brambilla, Christina Tziviskou.
  • Modeling Ontology-Driven Personalization of Web Contents.
  • Danny Groenewegen, Eelco Visser.
  • Declarative Access Control for WebDSL: Combining Language Integration and Separation of Concerns.

ICWE 2008 - Accepted Short Papers

  • Yang Sun, Isaac Councill, C. Lee Giles.
  • BotSeer: An automated information system for analyzing Web robots.
  • Silvia Abrahao, Geert Poels, Emilio Insfrán.
  • Evaluation of a Measurement Procedure for Web Applications: A Replication Study.
  • Patrick Freudenstein, Martin Nussbaumer.
  • Constructing Advanced Web-based Dialog Components with Stakeholders - a DSL Approach.
  • Hao Han, Takehiro Tokuda.
  • A Method for Integration of Web Applications Based on Information Extraction.
  • Sonia GUEHIS, Philippe RIGAUX, David Gross-Amblard.
  • Publish by Example.
  • Hernan Molina, Luis Olsina.
  • Assessing Web Applications Consistently: A Context Information Approach.
  • May Haydar, Houari Sahraoui, Alexandre Petrenko.
  • Specification Patterns for Formal Web Verification.
  • Juan Carlos Preciado, Marino Linaje, Rober Morales, Fernando Sánchez, Gefei Zhang, Christian Kroiß, Nora Koch.
  • Designing Rich Internet Applications Combining UWE and RUX-Method.
  • Derik Pack, Russell Coleman, John Osborne.
  • The Next Step in Information Sharing: The Distributed Alerts Dissemination Backbone.
  • Marco Brambilla, Marino Linaje, Juan Carlos Preciado, Fernando Sánchez.
  • Business Process -based Conceptual Design of Rich Internet Applications.
  • Juergen Umbrich, Andreas Harth, Stefan Decker.
  • How to Improve the Discovery of Structured Content on the Web.
  • Roberto Pereira, Sergio Roberto da Silva.
  • The Use of Cognitive Authority for Information Retrieval in Folksonomy Based Systems.

ICWE 2008 - Accepted Demos

  • Marco Brambilla, Alessandro Origgi.
  • MVC-Webflow: an AJAX Tool for Online Modeling of Model 2 Web Applications.
  • Sasa Nesic, Dragan Gasevic, Mehdi Jazayeri.
  • Extending MS Office for sharing Document Content Units over the Semantic Web.
  • Hao Han, Takehiro Tokuda.
  • WIKE: A Web Information/Knowledge Extraction System for Web Service Generation.
  • Rosana Braga, Alessandra Chan.
  • Peony: a Web Environment to support pattern-based development.
  • Pieter Bellekens, Kees van der Sluijs, Geert-Jan Houben, Lora Aroyo.
  • On-the-fly Data Integration for Personalized Television Recommender Systems.
  • Jurriaan Souer, Martin van Mierloo.
  • A Component Based Architecture for Web Content Management: Runtime Deployable WebManager Component Bundles.

ICWE 2008 - Accepted Posters

  • Adam Dukovich, Jimmy Hua, Jong Seo Lee, Michael Huffman, Alex Dekhtyar.
  • JOXM: Java Object - XML Mapping.
  • Nitin Agarwal, Magdiel Galan, Huan Liu, Shankar Subramanya.
  • Clustering Blogs with Collective Wisdom.
  • Frederic Majer, Patrick Freudenstein, Martin Nussbaumer.
  • Roadmap towards Lifecycle Support for Highly Distributed Web-based Systems.
  • Theo Crous, Judith Bishop.
  • Semantos: XML-based Query Enhancement of RDF for Agents in the Semantic Web.
  • Damir Aracic, Scott Wallace.
  • Using Character Patterns to Improve Web Document Clustering.

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ICWE 2008 Conference Proceedings
Yorktown Heights, New York, July 14-18, 2008
Eighth International Conference on Web Engineering, ICWE 2008

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