8th International Conference on Web Engineering 2008

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July 17, 2008 - Thursday

Session B1:
  • Ali Mesbah, Engin Bozdag and Arie van Deursen. "Crawling AJAX by Inferring User Interface State Changes"
  • Sören Blom, Matthias Book and Volker Gruhn. "Executable Semantics of Recursively Nestable Dialog Flow Specifications for Web Applications"
Short presentations:
  • Juan Carlos Preciado, Marino Linaje, Rober Morales, Fernando Sánchez, Gefei Zhang, Christian Kroiß and Nora Koch. "Designing Rich Internet Applications Combining UWE and RUX-Method"
  • Marco Brambilla, Marino Linaje, Juan Carlos Preciado and Fernando Sánchez. "Business Process -based Conceptual Design of Rich Internet Applications"

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