8th International Conference on Web Engineering 2008

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July 16, 2008 - Wednesday

Session A3
  • Pieter Bellekens, Kees van der Sluijs, William Van Woensel, Sven Casteleyn and Geert-Jan Houben. "Achieving Efficient Access to Large Integrated Sets of Semantic Data in Web Applications"
  • Viorel Milea, Flavius Frasincar and Uzay Kaymak. "Knowledge Engineering in a Temporal Semantic Web Context"
Short presentations:
  • Patrick Freudenstein and Martin Nussbaumer. "Constructing Advanced Web-based Dialog Components with Stakeholders - a DSL Approach"
  • Sonia GUEHIS, Philippe RIGAUX and David Gross-Amblard. "Publish by Example "

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